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Recent Work

Video Streaming - The Oshkosh Grand Opera House

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had the opportunity to help keep live music going by supplying video streaming services to The Grand Opera House in in Oshkosh, WI. Our cinematic multi-cam approach to broadcast video helped those who were unable to attend in person still feel connected to the live experience!

Star Six Nine Band

Star Six Nine is a cover band in the Appleton-Green Bay area of Wisconsin that brings a high energy show featuring music from the may decades of rock, pop, and country. We've enjoyed provided sound and lighting for a handful of their shows beginning in the summer of 2020 and continue to get the call back. We look forward to all the opportunities we have to work with Star Six Nine!

Video Streaming - Heid Music Summer Concert Series

Once the pandemic hit, 2020 became the year where an online video presence became crucial for almost every organization. The annual Heid Music Summer Concert Series hosted by Appleton Downtown Inc looked like it wasn't going to happen before the idea of taking it to the web. We were given the unique opportunity to stream the 12 consecutive weeks of the music acts that performed every Thursday from July through September. Utilizing 4 cameras, graphics and overlays, it was a fun experience to capture the moments and comforting vibes of the live music and bring to screens of music lovers all around the greater Fox Valley area.

Boomboxx Band

Boomboxx is a local band to the Appleton/Green Bay area. We have been consistently providing live sound and lighting for their shows since July of 2020 and every show gets better and better! We look forward to every Boomboxx event! Boomboxx brings an edge and energy to every song. They are not your average cover band!! The love they have for the artist and songs they perform shows through on stage!

Mistrial Band Music Promo Video

Mistrial came to us wanting a video to capture their high energy show that would allow them to showcase their abilities towards future bookings. We held a live recording at the Outer Edge Stage in Appleton, WI. Pre-production days were spent programming the venues intelligent lighting package to our lighting console in order to get the maximum visual return totaling 14 hours of programming. Every instrument, and vocal source was individually recorded via a multitrack recording and later mixed and mastered using ProTools. Multiple DSLR cameras were used for video capture to be later edited in Adobe Premiere. This is one of our favorite projects to showcase. The final project consisted of the promo video featuring clips from some of their best songs, as well as individual videos for each song performed the day of the recording. Much thanks to our partners from Exchange Media on the capture and editing of the project. You can catch the promo on their youtube page here -

Plank Road Pub & Grill Video Install

Scott Vann, owner of Plank Road Pub & Grill in De Pere, WI is equipped with 14 different flat screens all throughout the main bar and dining area for watching of TV or music videos. With the addition of Chive TV as a media service at Plank Road, brought the need for infrastructure to distribute the single video source to all the individual displays. Harmonic Productions took care of installing distribution equipment and all new coax cable to handle the signal. This has given every display the option to show any of the video services they offer, giving them flexibility for each display. Organization and tidiness is important for every installation which was modeled in this project. Every cable gets proper and clear labeling in order to ensure everything is easy to understand and set Plank Road up for future success.

Nashville Pipeline Band - Sound & Lighting

We provide sound and lighting for country band Nashville Pipeline. It's been a blast delivering their country vibes with chest pounding sound and a light show that gets the party started. The most memorable show with them was one that should have been outside but ended up being moved inside due to rain and power outages for over two hours! It was dangerously close to show start time but in the nick of time power came back on and we worked super hard to get everything up and running in less than half the regular amount of time usually allowed for setup. Harmonic Productions soars in times of flexibility and demanding production circumstances, and it was modeled well that day.

Narrow Bridge Brewhouse

Scott Vann, owner of Plank Road Pub & Grill in De Pere, Wisconsin opened up a second business in February of 2019 known as Narrow Bridge Brewhouse. Harmonic Productions designed and provided distributed video throughout the venue that allows any of the 18 video displays in the venue to tune into their music video service creating a stunning, eye-catching unified visual experience no matter what seat you choose.

We really wanted to set up Narrow Bridge for future success! In doing so, you will find that order and organization is not only imperative but apart of the DNA of any work Harmonic Productions performs. This maximizes the understanding of technical systems and allows any future troubleshooting or modifications to go as smooth as possible. Scott has become a good friend and it was a pleasure to bring him the video capabilities that he desired for his new business.

Life Church Green Bay Guys Retreat

We wanted up elevate the production value and visual presentation of the annual guys retreat for Life Church Green Bay. To do so, we provided two Electro-Voice ETX point source cabinets for sound reinforcement in the main ball room. Audio for the main room and small adjacent room was mixed and recorded to be given to the staff for later listening. In addition, added uplighting to their backdrop and some truss totems to attach some flat screen displays really gave the room a fresh and eye-pleasing look.

Mistrial Band

Mistrial is an 80's Rock Band that provides grooves that keeps the people dancing all night! The first time working with them providing sound and a simple lighting package, there were many compliments from the band members' friends and family regarding the clarity and quality of sound.

Scarlet Band - Lighting

Scarlet is a rock band from North Eastern Wisconsin that has partnered with Harmonic Productions on the bigger shows where they want a more dynamic lighting experience to add to their show. Scarlet shows are a chance to pull out all the stops for the flashiest shows we've done yet. Compliments flow from the band and even people from the crowd about how great the show looks.

Suburban Electric Corporate Event

Harmonic Productions was given the opportunity to bring live audio support to Suburban Electric's corporate gathering in March of 2019. Supplying live reinforcement through the use of wireless microphones allowed speakers to be free of cumbersome cables and could focus on their presentations. Additionally, Harmonic supplied a separate audio feed to Champion Video, the partner company supplying Suburban Electric's live stream and recording.

Wisconsin Street, Kaukauna Block Party

It's always a pleasure working with Jason Lipsky from Appleton Rock School. Jason is responsible for many different live music events in the valley including Electric City Music and has been great to partner with whenever he needs live sound needs. This event was a mixture of acoustic, and classic rock bands throughout the evening that was a blast to help bring to the people who came out for a good time!

James Valley Christian School - South Dakota

Bob Lenz, and his team from Life Promotions traveled to South Dakota in September of 2018 for the Dignity Revolution movement, a program built to instill hope in youth all across the country. Harmonic Productions was brought on to oversee audio for the numerous events. Life Promotions works very professionally and every effort is made to partner with them. I enjoyed working with the audio package that we deployed on this trip which consisted of RCF HDL-10A line arrays paired with JBL subwoofers and a standard trussing package, all supplied from Life Promotions. Harmonic Productions was responsible for mixing each event, setting up the sound system, and tearing down.

Camp LuWiSoMo - Life Promotions

We teamed up with the life promotions crew to bring audio and lighting to Camp LuWiSoMo for a special concert night. Harmonic Productions provided the audio mix for Christian artist Chris August. Doing front of house and monitors from the trusty Midas m32 full size.

 Lifest 2018: Oasis & Quake Stages

In the summer of 2018, I was brought on to the production team as an audio engineer at Lifest, an outdoor, multistage music festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Days were spent running the Oasis, a smaller acoustic style stage with QSC k12.2 powered speakers on sticks + floor wedges for monitors, ran off an x32 rack. Evenings were spent running sound at a larger stage known as the Quake stage for additional touring bands like Disciple and Remedy Drive. Yamaha powered speakers provided by Jason Lipsky from Appleton Rock School + Yamaha M7CL-48 mixing console and Ethersound stage boxes from Life Promotions.

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